Complete Power Washing Services - Whether it's your home exterior that needs cleaning, dirty concrete or brick, we have the proper equipment to do the job correctly, without damage to the surfaces and surrounding vegetation.

​Exterior house washing:
  Using biodegradable detergents, we spray soap on the entire side of your home, from the base up to the gutters, allowing the cleaners to soak into the dirt, fungus and oxidation. The surface is then scrubbed from top to bottom. We then wash the surface with water, using the proper pressure and delivery rate. This is very important in preventing any damage to your siding. The process is repeated on each side of your home.

  This is a very affordable way to improve the looks of your home, and will help extend the life of your siding from the elements. 

  We can clean Vinyl, Aluminum, Cedar, Cementboard, Stucco and just about any siding material. We do not clean Dryvit. Call us for a free quote.


​   After applying bio-degradable detergents, we then clean the surface with our Rotary Surface Cleaner, which leaves the surface clean without damage or zebra striping. The surface is then thoroughly rinsed, and ready for sealing.



Rocco's Power Washing Services

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