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Gutter Cleaning:
What's Included In Our Service Call?

  First we remove all the leaves and other debris from your gutter, then clear your downspouts. We then check to see if there are any loose hangers or downspouts, if so, they are re-fastened. If you have underground drains for your downspout, we clear them out too. There is no additional labor charge for minor repairs during a standard service call, any parts or sealers required will have an additional charge. We allow up to 1-1/2 hours per service call, and most homes are done in that time frame, however, any additional time will be charged in 1/4 hour increments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I clean my gutters?
   Your gutters are there for one major reason, and that is to draw rainwater from your roof and direct it away from your homes foundation. 

What happens when I don't have them cleaned?
   Leaves, seeds and twigs clog your gutters, forcing rainwater over the gutter,and at your foundation, allowing water seepage into basements, and soil damage. It can also cause moisture damage to your roof.

Why do I have trees growing in my gutters?
   The debris in the gutter gives seeds from your trees a perfect environment to sprout. We've seen homes with literally hundreds of trees growing in them.

My gutters leak and sag, do I need new ones?
   Not necessarily, most homes simply need the gutters cleaned, the hangers refastened and leaks sealed, making them work like new.

 Do you recommend and install gutter covers? 
   Yes we do, and they are affordable. Call us for more details, we will be adding photos soon. 

The outside of my gutters are filthy, can they be cleaned?
   Yes, we use a bio-degradable cleaner, scrub them, and then power wash to remove years of stains, leaving your gutters looking new. There is an additional charge for this service.