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Concrete and Masonry Sealing:

  We now offer a long lasting (up to 10 years!) concrete and masonry sealer. This penetrating surface sealer is invisible, will repel water, protect your concrete against the elements, is unaffected by de-icing salts and, practically eliminates the ability for mold and fungus to grow in your concretes surface. The surface will stay cleaner longer, and is easier to clean when dirty, it even protects against oil spills. It will not peel off! Watch this space for photos.

Step 1 - Concrete Cleaning:

  First we apply our biodegradable degreasing cleaners to your driveway, patio or sidewalk and allow it to penetrate the surface. We then use our Rotary Surface Cleaner and hot water to remove the dirt, oil and fungus from your concrete. The surface is then completely rinsed, leaving your concrete looking new. Using the proper equipment here allows us to clean your concrete evenly, without damaging the surface and eliminating "zebra-stripes". And we can do it in a fraction of the time it takes using a homestyle pressure washer.

Step 2 - Sealing:

  Once we've cleaned the surface, and allow it to dry thoroughly, we apply "Con-Seal"​ to the entire surface."Con-Seal" is a surface "repellant", formulated to keep your concrete looking new, while making future cleanings easier and reducing their frequency. Once applied, oil spots and other stains are easily removed, it's almost impossible for them to penetrate the surface. Even snow removal is easier. When first applied it will bead water for up to 4 weeks and look dry when wet. After that, the water beading stops, but the surface will still look dry compared to unsealed concrete, even in a heavy rain. 

    "Con-Seal" is highly effective and safe to use sealer, for best results, we highly recommend application to new concrete as soon as possible. Call for details, photos coming soon.

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